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Signup on your waiting list and you just may be the first person to get one!

Signup on our waiting list and you just may be the first person to get one!

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We are excited to introduce the next ‘must have’ item for your pocket: the Butterfly Key!


What is a Butterfly Key?

Butterfly Keys are inspired by the Balisong Butterfly Knife. This awesome, stylish and fashionable key will become one of the coolest things you will find in your pocket. Suitable for any key blank, the Butterfly Key is convenient as well as eye-catching: whether you need one for your house keys, car keys, motorcycle keys or otherwise, we can create a Butterfly Key to suit your needs!


What does the Butterfly Key look like?

The handles of the Butterfly Key measure 13mm in diameter and 70mm in length. It is smaller than traditional balisong handles, so it can fit neatly into a pocket or purse. Every single Butterfly key is designed, modified and assembled by hand in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty. Each key is produced from one solid block of Billet 6061T6 Aluminum (used for tactical flashlights, Audi R8 chassis and even military aircraft!) and is available in a stunning variety of anodized colors, as well as classic polished chrome. The superb properties of Aluminum make it the ideal material for the Butterfly Key: it is lightweight, has unmatched tensile strength and is also anti-rust and scratch resistant. We have also added a keyring to the latch of the butterfly key so it can be attached to any keychain.


Why do I need a Butterfly Key?

The Butterfly Key is not only stylish and useful: its satisfying clicking sound and the various flip tricks that you can perform with it will keep you entertained for hours! It is easy and safe to handle, and 100% legal to carry (unlike the Butterfly Knife that inspired its design).